How to ensure that your product is genuine Caring Panda?

It is important to know that the patterns we use are in everyday use in fabrics all over the world. We don't have enough resources to design our unique prints just yet.

In the future we will bring "Premium Quality" products that have their own unique patterns. But as we all know, there are copyright infringements everywhere. So keep on reading to identify the genuine "Caring Panda" -products.

Key features to find:

  • PP-plastic bag with Caring Panda logo. Just like in this page.
  • Washing tag that has our logo on it.

Our products are being added one by one only after we can be sure that the comfort and high quality is achieved as it is the key to get people use our eco-products.

When we want to take care of the environment, we had to think about the long-term plan.

It isn't enough that the products are bio-degradable if they don't last long enough to make any difference. You would use too many of those to save any money or the environment.

The natural fibers alone don't make any sense if those fibers make the product feel uncomfortable. Why wouldn't you use disposable products if they are superior?

How our products are designed...

Firstly every product we design and bring to the market must have multiple uses. It must be washable and durable.

Secondly, every product is made with no chemical residues and from natural materials that are long lasting and perfect for the designed use. Some materials may not be bio-degradable if the life, feel and the use of the product requires it to be made from synthetic materials.

Thirdly, our products are easily repairable and we will have campaigns on our eCommerce store that when you return broken product, you will get a small refund from your next purchase.

Here's a Bit More About Our Products.


It's about Care and being Aware