When you read "we", it entails our family: Nina & Andy plus our daughter Nella and our miniature pinscher.

Our daughter, when she was in diaper-age, used solely cloth diapers that Nina made by herself. Even the daycare nannies said that the cloth diapers smell a lot less than those disposable ones. In the meantime, we saved a lot of nature and money by using cloth diapers and other sustainable products. One of them is gauze that we use instead of the paper towels that are used in the kitchen.

Many of our friends and their families said that they would use eco-products if they were readily available, but they didn't have the time and skill to make their own.

This is when the idea of Caring Panda started to evolve in our minds.

We're a unique family business that has it values in the woods. We hope to see the world as a changed place where everything is recycled and sustainable. Please help us to make the world better.

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Owner and Creator

Owner and Creator

To our founders Nina and Andy, that are trying to make this world a better place for all of us.

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